Kitchen islands aren’t being used solely for food preparation anymore. They have evolved into the nucleus of kitchen life and are often used for storage, dining, games, and family time. It’s seen by many as the central gathering place in the home.

Kitchen islands provide an excellent way to use the empty space in the middle of your kitchen. Here are some tips for how to design and utilize your island.

1.  Shape – Who said that a kitchen island has to be rectangular or square? When planning out the footprint for the kitchen, it’s important to think about the flow. Work with your design-build team to come up with a shape that’s right for your kitchen.

2.  Utility – Whether your considering adding cooktops, baking ovens, wine refrigerators, sinks or  simple GFI convenience receptacles – the kitchen island is so much more than a chopping and food preparation station. The kitchen island can be truly functional, allowing you to have everything you need right at your fingertips.

3.  Storage – From stashing serving trays to having an inclusive bread drawer, the kitchen island can aid in organizing the kitchen in so many ways. Having a dedicated space for that bulky bread machine, electric carving knife, etc. can free up your pantry and counter space to give your kitchen that truly clean and organized aesthetic.

4.  Seating – With a well-planned kitchen island, you can explore many seating options – you don’t have to stick with bar type stools. Having comfortable seating at the island can foster conversation space for dinner guests as well as serves as an everyday convenience for those little helpers in the kitchen.

5.  Lighting –  Pendant lights for the kitchen have been a trend for many years now but the styles have gone through some serious changes. The focus now is less on bright colors and more on interesting textures to highlight unique conversation pieces and really show off your style.

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