When you were a kid what did you think houses would look like in 2020? Did you imagine all sorts of out-of-this world gadgetry and futuristic architecture?

If so, you’re definitely not alone. Most of us expected the homes of the future to be much more”out there” than they actually are. However, while the architecture may not be all sterile metal and curved lines rising high in the sky (think The Jetsons), the gadgets have certainly been all that we had hoped for and more.

While we may have imagined robot housekeepers and flying cars, we couldn’t have even begun to dream up many of the luxuries we enjoy in our homes today. Built-in coffee makers, iPads, mp3 Players, Laptops, Heated Floors, Smart Appliances and more are no longer out of reach. As a matter of fact, they’re in millions of homes right now.

More importantly, the idea that everyone will be building a brand spanking new home with all the bells and whistles, is quickly becoming just a fairy tale. A little research on future predictions for the housing market over the next couple of years will leave you with more questions than answers. Some say home prices will rise, some say they will fall, still others predict a recession for 2020.

Whether it’s up or down, all indications are that more and more people will be staying in their current homes longer or moving back into childhood homes when parents are no longer able to care for the property or they have passed on. Inevitably this will mean renovations. Most homes in the So Cal area were built in the 1950s which means they are often small and in need of major updates.

According to Zillow, here are the average sizes of a single family home in the united states over the decades:

1930 – 1,374
1940 – 1,246
1950 – 1,320
1960 – 1,510
1970 – 1,576
1980 – 1,612
1990 – 1,976
2000 – 2,160
2010 – 2,430

Now, current trends show that the average square footage in newly built homes is dropping a bit, but it’s still significantly higher than it was in the 50’s.

Some predictions for things you’ll find in both new and renovated homes over the next couple of years include:

  • More green features
  • A continuation in the popularity of the open floor plan
  • More “Smart Home” elements that can be controlled remotely
  • An increase in accessible spaces for aging in place

If you’ve recently inherited a property you’d like to make some improvements to or are ready to upgrade a home that’s been well loved by your family for many years, give us a call. We’d love to help you create the home of your dreams!